øjeRum - Variationer I Mørke


Variationer I Mørke

HORN-017 | 2016 | cassette | $8.00

  1. Solen Rød
  2. Dagen Bort
  3. Febervæv
  4. Skoven Sort
  5. Tusmørkevæv
  6. Bristet Er Dit Slør
  7. Sjælevæv
  8. Alene Deler Vi Mørket
  9. Dyret Som Lyset Ændres Med Tiden
  10. Stilhedens Strømmen I Fuglenes Blod

Denmark's Paw Grabowski began releasing music as øjeRum ("eye Room") nearly a decade ago, but only in the last couple of years has he shared his music with more frequency. The recent sounds of øjeRum often range from long-form ambient experimental pieces to soft-spoken acoustic downtempo folk songs. Variationer I Mørke ("Variations in the Dark") is an hour-long collection of music centered around the guitar, evenly split between nine acoustic songs on the A side and a single long-form piece spanning the entire B side. The music in this collection is comprised of first takes and largely improvised, revealing a truly personal, raw, and honest representation of the artist himself. The songs flow in and out of each other like dreams, allowing the darkness to slowly unveil them to the listener—each one familiar yet each one unique—variations on themes both musical and lyrical.

We have admired the visual and aural work of øjeRum for years and are honored to join together with him for this very special release. In addition to his music, he is also an amazing collage artist, and two of his original pieces are represented in the insert for this release. Limited edition, professionally-duplicated silver cassette. Digital download available upon request.

Phil Blankenship - Sex Magik

Phil Blankenship

Sex Magik

HORN-016 | 2015 | cassette | $7.00

  1. The Power of Equality
  2. If You Have to Ask
  3. Breaking the Girl
  4. Funky Monks
  5. Suck My Kiss
  6. I Could Have Lied
  7. Mellowship Slinky in B Major
  8. The Righteous & the Wicked
  9. Give It Away
  10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  11. Under the Bridge
  12. Naked in the Rain
  13. Apache Rose Peacock
  14. The Greeting Song
  15. My Lovely Man
  16. Sir Psycho Sexy

Phil Blankenship is well-known in the noise scene for his prolific work as The Cherry Point and Lefthandeddecision, as well as his collaborations with John Wiese and his own Troniks label. An equally well-known movie maniac, Phil is also responsible for the absolute best midnight screenings we have ever experienced, and we are grateful to know him. On Sex Magik, Phil has put to tape what some may consider his most criminally insane concept and harshest noise yet—stripping one of the most ubiquitous L.A. albums of the '90s of its Frusciante funk guitar and funky-ass Flea bass, leaving only the words that were once too easily unheard.

From the original Troniks release notes: “A legacy-destroying new low. A single-session spoken word interpretation of the complete lyrics to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' landmark album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. All audio stumbles, mispronunciations, and apartment squeal preserved.”

Originally released as a limited edition CD that immediately sold out and followed by a single-sided vinyl LP, we are excited to complete the format trilogy by releasing this work as a limited edition, professionally-duplicated rhodamine cassette. Each hand-cut and assembled insert is a mini reproduction of the collage from the original cover artwork.

“Phil Blankenship's Sex Magik is the realest thing I've heard in a long while.” Zola Jesus

“The concept is absurd enough to make you laugh before you even hear it… But much of Sex Magik is gripping… Rawly recorded and rawly delivered, the lines are torn from their funk-pop origins like limbs from a carcass…” Pitchfork

Originally featured on WFMU and FFFreakout Podcast #39.

The Plastic Plan - RGB

The Plastic Plan


HORN-015 | 2015 | cassette | $7.00


  1. The Plastic Invasion
  2. Driving Forces
  3. And Then There Were Three
  4. User's Manual
  5. Geodesic
  6. Speed Skate
  7. Trapper Keeper
  8. Malfunction:Band
  9. The Cube Beat Me
  10. Trichotomy
  11. Manipulate Cutoff
  12. Malfunction:Bass
  13. Superhero Catalyst
  14. Mono Poly
  15. Kinjite
  16. Hard Ass Beats
  17. M.R.D.

At the end of the 20th century, a powerful trio of bass (red), drums (green), and synth (blue) joined forces to become The Plastic Plan. Featuring former members of Servotron and Toenut and briefly known as >< (Greater Than, Less Than), the band reigned in Atlanta, Georgia as the triumvirate of futurewave—their unique style of instrumental electro-rock. Together they released one full-length album (Basic) and a final EP (Ne Plus Ultra), both of which are now collected on a single compact cassette as RGB.

During the label's first few years based in Atlanta, The Plastic Plan was our favorite band to see perform live, and we were even there for their final show at The EARL in 2001. Their music has been out of print for so long that we wanted to do what we could to make it available again to both familiar and unfamiliar ears. Professionally-duplicated, limited edition cassettes available in red, green, or blue shells with silver imprinting. Includes a download code for the full album plus eight bonus live recordings. First 25 orders also receive a one-inch button reproduction of the band's original design circa 2000.

“Personally, I just dig how hard this rocks, and that it knocks me out of my tape scene comfort zone good and proper.” guide me little tape

Featured on Creative Loafing Atlanta.

Sigríður Níelsdóttir - Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir

Sigríður Níelsdóttir

Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir

HORN-009 | 2014 | cassette | SOLD OUT

  1. Haleluja jeg er så glad
  2. Naggrísirnir
  3. Kúarekstur
  4. Reyðarfjörður
  5. Dagdraumar
  6. Ég er kúreki
  7. Her kommer indianer
  8. Elsku litla Jesúbarn
  9. Maranatha
  10. Trækfuglene siger farvel
  11. Hundeliv i Brasilien
  12. Uppsprettan
  13. Seyla, mindetoner
  14. Bláklukkurnar og vindurinn
  15. Vorleysing
  16. Fraskilt
  17. Komdu litla barnið
  18. Steinaldarfantasía
  19. Visselull
  20. Aftenbön
  21. Meðfædd hljóðfæri

In the world of outsider music, somewhere between the early cassette recordings of Daniel Johnston and the auto-accompaniment keyboard stylings of Wesley Willis lie the experimental, lo-fi sounds of Sigríður Níelsdóttir. Outside of Iceland, where she lived unaware of other outsider artists and became an adored cult figure in the country's music scene, her music is far lesser known. Sigríður began recording songs on a dual cassette deck in her living room at the tender age of 70, using a Casio keyboard and anything else she could find to create the sounds she imagined for a song. Over the course of seven prolific years, she recorded and released 59 albums containing 687 songs.

This collection contains nearly an hour of Sigríður's "greatest hits," carefully selected by the makers of the film Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir, and serves as both a catalog-spanning introduction to her music and a soundtrack to the film. As a label, we have dreamed of releasing a collection like this since we first fell in love with Sigríður's music over a decade ago, so we are unbelievably happy to finally be able to bring you this limited edition, professionally-duplicated orange cassette with a full-color, fold-out insert.

“Casio presets, ephemeral background noise, and wistful melodies delivered with quiet but unwavering confidence all lead to a surprisingly touching and dynamic range of songs and styles…” Decoder Magazine

“The music… ranges from simple, off-beat Casio’d melodies, to an eccentric blend of whimsical vocals and flowing harmonies, to minimal folky tunes… It all comes together in a perfect way.” Tabs Out

“Charming and quite unbelievable mix of lo-fidelity experimentation… Madcap creativity…” guide me little tape

“These whimsical home recordings present the most honest interpretations of pop music…” Tiny Mix Tapes: Cerberus

#7 on Tabs Out's Top 200 Tapes of 2014 and #13 on microphones in the trees' rewind 2014.

Featured on-air by Irwin Chusid (WFMU, Songs in the Key of Z), as well as on Project Moonbase #196 and Tabs Out #52.

Big Sir - Digital Gardens

Big Sir

Digital Gardens

HORN-014 | 2014 | cassette | $7.00

  1. Infidels (Digital Gardens)
  2. Be Brave Go On (Live at Estudio)
  3. Old Blood (Digital Gardens)
  4. Right Action (Live at Estudio)
  5. Regions (Digital Gardens)
  6. The Ladder (Live at Estudio)
  7. Ready on the Line (Digital Gardens)
  8. The Kindest Hour (Digital Gardens)
  9. Foucault's Gold (Disil Mix)

Big Sir is Lisa Papineau (Pet) and Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta, Racer X), who released their first album together in 2000. With each subsequent album, they continue to push their sound to new levels, and Digital Gardens is no exception. Inspired by the digital hardcore sound with a modern approach, Big Sir has reworked songs from their 2012 album Before Gardens After Gardens to be harder, faster, and noisier while still retaining what made those songs great in the first place. Lisa once again brings out the extreme side of her voice that she has not often unleashed since Pet, while Juan's bass frantically blasts these songs in your face. But don't be frightened, as they bring it all back to more familiar territory by the end. Also featured on this release are Dave Elitch and Deantoni Parks, who plays drums on a previously unreleased song. This is not a remix album but an exciting revision of Big Sir as we know and love them.

Limited edition, professionally-duplicated aqua blue cassette with gold imprinting. Includes download code.

“…Juan Alderete continues to push the boundaries of conventional bass playing with his mind-bending, effects-laden 4-string explorations.” Bass Player

Bit Shifter - Life's a Bit Shifter

Bit Shifter

Life's a Bit Shifter

HORN-010 | 2013 | cassette | SOLD OUT

  1. The Connector Conspiracy
  2. March of the Nucleotides
  3. The No Enemy Code
  4. Cursor War
  5. Magmadiver
  6. Inversion
  7. The Utopia Proclamation
  8. Permutation Cipher
  9. Charm, Beauty, Truth, and Strangeness
  10. Renegade Subroutine
  11. The Uncertainty Principle
  12. Parallax Barrier
  13. Inversion Redux
  14. Double Density
  15. The Dark Matter Mystery
  16. Maple Leaf Rag
  17. March of the Nucleotides (mRNA Mix)

Over the past 10+ years, Bit Shifter has literally toured the world bringing his own brand of chip music to the masses. Bit Shifter is Joshua Davis, a pioneer and integral part of the modern chiptune scene, and Life's a Bit Shifter, composed and performed entirely on a Nintendo Game Boy, is a seminal album of that scene. But this isn't a soundtrack to a video game; this is a collection of catchy experimental power-pop that will make you want to dance as much as it makes you want to bang your head. Long out of print on CD and impossible to find anywhere, this 10th anniversary edition includes the newly remastered full album plus four amazing bonus tracks from the same era.

Josh has been a friend and supporter of the label since its early days, and he also happens to make music that we really like. We are so psyched to be able to present this 10th anniversary edition to you on a limited edition, professionally-duplicated blue cassette with a full-color, fold-out insert—sold out from us but still available for digital download on Data Casualty and streaming on Spotify.

“All sounds were created and performed on a Game Boy… obvious because of the NES style sound bits, but totally not obvious because it’s done so fucking well. Such an amazing release.” Tabs Out (via AdHoc)

“…Sounds like a chorus of arcade games banging out chirpy shards from a digitized history of Western music.” —Rolling Stone

“This album is absurdly good… The tones and beats are surprisingly large given the instrument…” —AUTOreverse

Featured on Tabs Out #39.

Lisa Papineau - Blood Noise

Lisa Papineau

Blood Noise

HORN-012 | 2013 | cassette | $7.00

  1. Dream the Wild
  2. Out for a Swim
  3. Early Spring
  4. Rainmaker
  5. Frozen Blue
  6. Light Up the World
  7. Radio On On On
  8. Little Light
  9. The Weather Gone

Lisa Papineau has a voice that may already be familiar to one's ears without realizing her name. She is prominently featured on songs by AIR, M83, Crooked Cowboy, Jun Miyake, and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, as well as with Tyler Bates on the Watchmen film score. Additionally, Lisa is one half of Big Sir with Juan Alderete and ME&LP with Matt Embree, both of whom make guest appearances on Blood Noise, her third solo album. These nine songs create their own microscopic world that runs a vein through each one's respective atmosphere, proving that Lisa is more than just a vocalist—her whole presence assumes the role of the instrument. That presence and perseverance brought this album to fruition as she battled serious health issues over the course of its recording, resulting in a vulnerable, raw, and emotionally fearless collection of songs comprised of first takes.

Lisa has been one of our favorite voices in music since she was a member of Pet in the mid-'90s and has since become one of our favorite people. We are extremely excited and honored to have a small part in getting this album out to the world by releasing a limited edition, professionally-duplicated cassette with a full-color insert and yellow-tinted case. Includes download code.

“…Exceptionally fearless. Tape scene ambience, confident female vocals, grinding noise and pop art sensibilities… Sounds and feels vintage, futurist, and completely authentic. … This absolutely hooked me from the first second and carried me until the last.” guide me little tape

Featured on Norelco Mori #29.

Kisses - Other Planets


Other Planets

HORN-011 | 2013 | cassette | SOLD OUT

  1. Endeavour
  2. Columbia
  3. Challenger
  4. Apollo

Kisses is Los Angeles-based and married synthpop duo, Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson. Together they have released two excellent albums of dance jams and chill-out tunes that will get stuck in your head for weeks—The Heart of the Nightlife in 2010 and Kids in LA earlier in 2013. Around the time of their first album, they also quietly released a digital EP of instrumental songs performed with vintage synth equipment that could easily be the soundtrack for a sci-fi film yet to be made. Inspired by NASA space shuttle launches and the film For All Mankind, which documents the Apollo missions, this release focuses more on atmosphere than hooks. Despite having no vocals or lyrics, we actually found these songs to be as catchy as the albums and felt that they deserved to be more than just a download.

We are very excited to present the first and only physical release of Other Planets, available on chrome tape in a limited edition, professionally-duplicated purple cassette—now sold out. When planning this project, we also wanted to do something special with the artwork, so each insert is hand screen-printed and numbered.

#55 on Tabs Out's Top 200 Tapes of 2013.

Featured on Tabs Out #36.

thee autobots - discography, 1995-1996

thee autobots

discography, 1995-1996

HORN-005 | 2013 | cassette | SOLD OUT

  1. who we is
  2. hope
  3. out of the rut
  4. the same, the game
  5. poison ivy
  6. flotation device
  7. visor
  8. honkeys
  9. pittsburgh pa
  10. baggage claim area
  11. birth defect
  12. one teacup
  13. hell on wheels
  14. break
  15. unimpressed
  16. wild world
  17. noise ordinance
  18. wanted you to know
  19. save the tuna (live)

Way back in 1998, catalog number HORN-005 was reserved for Thee Autobots' complete discography—a collection of catchy pop-punk songs with heartfelt lyrics that just might also inspire your feet to move. The band's stay on Earth was brief, and when they were gone, silence. Retreating from the evil forces of Alabama, their spacecraft crash-landed into the bottom of an Oregon volcano. Only now, four million years later (okay, fifteen years later) the volcano has erupted, and a decomposing 19-song master CD-R has emerged from the wreckage of their ship.

With this historic archive finally in hand, we are offering these translucent red cassettes containing its glorious contents to commemorate the legacy of Thee Autobots. Limited to only 25 copies—now sold out but still available for digital download and streaming on Spotify—each imported and imprinted cassette includes an individually numbered and hand-painted insert with lyrics and a download code. Everything the band ever recorded is in this collection, including their out-of-print 7-inches, compilation appearances, unreleased tracks, and a short live recording.

The Cocker Spaniels - Sometimes You've Gotta Fight to Get a Bit of Peace

The Cocker Spaniels

Sometimes You've Gotta Fight to Get a Bit of Peace

HORN-008 | 2010 | compact disc | $7.00

  1. Gimme Back My Red Pen
  2. Help & Hassle
  3. Touch My Hair
  4. The Overeducated Underclass
  5. Two Weeks' Notice
  6. The Mercy of Mechanics
  7. Steal My Guitar
  8. Anchor City
  9. Take the L
  10. Schadenfreude
  11. Thicker Than Blood
  12. Small Stone
  13. Bromance on 29th
  14. You Are My Favorite
  15. Cousin Ben
  16. Practice Makes Perfect
  17. No Intermediary
  18. Postcard from Exile

The Cocker Spaniels are actually one man named Sean Padilla. Technically, Sometimes You've Gotta Fight to Get a Bit of Peace is Sean's ninth album since he began recording and releasing his own music under this moniker as a teenager. Following the acclaim of his previous album, Withstand the Whatnot, in 2004, from which he became recognized as "The Only Black Guy at the Indie Rock Show," Sean set out to step up his game even more with his next release. And he succeeded by producing his best work yet. As with most of his songs, this album plays as if flipping through a journal and having the words sung back to you. While the stories are indeed personal, they are also about real-life subjects to which most people can relate, including (but not limited to) relationships, underemployment, wasted potential, and life in a small town. With his wide range of musical influences, Sean's music brings a little bit of something for everybody. This album even features a few extra players to help him out, including a wicked jazz flute solo (definitely a first in the Hornbuckle Records catalog).

Despite Sean being a friend of the label since our early days, there is a reason why this album brought us out of semi-retirement: it's awesome. Do yourself a favor and cop a copy now! Glass-mastered, professionally-replicated compact disc in full-color digipak. Includes limited 32-page lyric zine.

david hornbuckle - the LETGO ep

david hornbuckle

the LETGO ep

HORN-007 | 2001 | CD-R

  1. three words
  2. catch my fall
  3. starry configurations
  4. beestung eyes
  5. it never works
  6. photobooth

LETGO is the first of David's releases to include full instrumentation, including drums (albeit a machine). As a result, the songs on this EP sound closer to how they were meant to be heard than previous recordings. With a loose concept based around and written as a relationship fell apart, the songs span from happiness (the shortest part) to anger to sadness to acceptance. Interspersed with original songs are a couple cover songs which felt as if they fit quite well with the others.

This EP was completed immediately before David embarked on a solo two-month drive across the country, from Atlanta to Los Angeles and back. Aside from a few songs here and there, this is as of now David's last proper release.

Currently out of print but available for digital download, including the original 4-track versions previously hidden before the first track on the CD, as well as streaming on Spotify.

david hornbuckle / M. David Hornbuckle - split

david hornbuckle / M. David Hornbuckle


HORN-006 | 1999 | cassette / CD-R

  1. walking in my shoes
  2. how soon is now?
  3. heaven
  4. less than nothing
  5. i'll be there
  6. birthday boy
  7. lounge act
  8. fast car
  9. two gunslingers
  10. everlong
  11. lovesong
  12. The Door
  13. Nausea
  14. The Ballad of Desire and Shame
  15. Owed to a Weasel
  16. You Were the One
  17. Snowbird
  18. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  19. Dead Man's Party
  20. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

After a chance discovery online, these two with the same name corresponded via email and soon decided to compile a split release. This was originally released on cassette, with one artist's songs on each side.

David Hornbuckle's side is a collection of punk-influenced covers he had recorded over the previous few years.

Formerly known from the band PopCanon, M. David Hornbuckle's side consists of mostly folk-rock originals with a few choice covers added for good measure. He currently performs with the band Ghost Herd in Birmingham, Alabama.

Reissued on CD-R in 2000. Currently out of print but available for digital download and streaming on Spotify.

david hornbuckle - people suck.

david hornbuckle

people suck.

HORN-003 | 1996 | cassette / CD-R

  1. about a girl
  2. wall between us
  3. i really hate you
  4. turn it off
  5. break
  6. i don't wanna be in the army
  7. endless circle
  8. punchingbag
  9. girlfriend
  10. brian tracy
  11. she bleeds
  12. i lie here broken (fuck you)
  13. kiss from a rose
  14. not her saviour
  15. no direction
  16. black metallic
  17. voyeur
  18. the end

Immediately after finishing high school, David suddenly found himself wanting to do little more than sing and play guitar in his bedroom. This desire increased even more upon borrowing a friend's 4-track recorder, after which these songs seemed to more or less write themselves. This was a short but unusually prolific period for him, luckily fueled by a lack of any other real responsibilities and plenty of teen angst. Inspired by Ween, punk rock, 120 Minutes, and late night movies, David holed up in his bedroom for months and sang, played, and recorded everything that came to mind. These are his first multi-track recordings, and on every song all four tracks are crammed with layers of guitars and vocals with a marked lack of percussion that give the songs a somewhat unfinished feel. But these are not demos, as they will most likely never be recorded again. Think of them as if Billy Bragg's early recordings were misanthropic and influenced by early '90s cassette culture. For better or worse (and often embarrassing—look at that ridiculous cover photo!), this is where David's head was at as he neared the end of his teenage years.

Reissued on CD-R with extra tracks in 2000. Currently out of print but available for digital download.

Saturday Night Fever / Salt Water Taffy - Do the Splits Like a Girl

Saturday Night Fever / Salt Water Taffy

Do the Splits Like a Girl

HORN-002 | 1995 | cassette

  1. Catechesis
  2. Chicken ala King
  3. I'm Sleepy
  4. Bubblegum (Don't Chew It)
  5. My Pet Cockroach
  6. Parabolic Pilgrimage
  7. The End Song
  8. Candy March
  9. I Eat Cat Shit
  10. Whatcha Gonna Do About That?
  11. Huh?
  12. Doink
  13. Broken String
  14. Rain Dance

Saturday Night Fever is a teenage Jack Saturn and a Casio MT-18, creating some of the catchiest lo-fi synth jams you've never heard. Before one-man bands like Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Atom and His Package hit the scene, Jack was furiously recording song after song in a small room off of his parents' garage. Playing every instrument and singing every vocal himself, he was like Trent Reznor with a sense of humor. What we managed to release on this cassette was only a small sampling of this prolific time, and, like Prince, many more songs are still locked away in a vault just waiting to be released. (A new SNF collection is currently in the works.)

Salt Water Taffy is a collection of lo-fi, noisy, Ween-influenced weirdness from a tape that we found in a gutter, attributed only to Fred and Buford. With songs including lyrics about a professional wrestling clown and eating feline feces, you probably haven't heard much like this before.

Out of print since shortly after its release, all songs from this cassette are now available for free download.

Herringbone Brick - My Name Ain't Vern!

Herringbone Brick

My Name Ain't Vern!

HORN-001 | 1994 | cassette / CD-R

  1. Roy
  2. Vice Principal's Disease
  3. The Mosquito Sprayer
  4. Phone Sex
  5. Dad Dead
  6. Decatur, Alabama: Punk Rock Capital of the World
  7. Impressing All Of Us
  8. I Feel
  9. ¡Qué Barbaridad!
  10. Beat on the Brat
  11. Ice Ice Baby
  12. ¡Qué Barbaridad! (reprise)
  13. Wild Thing (death metal style)
  14. Kur(d)t

Herringbone Brick is a time capsule of being bored teenagers in a small, Southern town in the early to mid-'90s. On summer vacation, Matt and David locked themselves in a room for 2½ days, bounced tracks from tape to tape on a boombox (just like Sigríður Níelsdóttir), and made this bit of juvenile weirdness. They were inspired by punk rock, ska, Ween, Vanilla Ice, thrift store records, prank phone calls, and plenty of inside jokes. Few copies made it further than their high school, but perhaps that's the only place where these songs made any sort of sense to anybody else.

Around the time this was recorded, Herringbone Brick managed to play one show at a house party. However, their drum machine wouldn't work that night, so real drums were improvised by a friend. Jocks moshed to a heavily-riffed version of "Ice Ice Baby." Someone's mom cringed at their cover of "You Fucked Up." A good time was had by all, although the only recorded proof of this show is a blurry photo of Matt and David dancing, which was featured in the photocopied liner notes. Nothing else really became of Herringbone Brick, as the band was soon abandoned to form Themack.

Reissued on CD-R with an extra track in 2000. Currently and forever out of print. After more than 20 years, we have finally decided to give this release the proper burial it deserves.